About Us



Confident and dynamic styles, designed by Serena Williams. S by Serena is a modern fashion brand that celebrates the smart, sexy, sophisticated, strong, and stylish qualities of each customer. On trend (but never trendy - there’s a difference!), approachable, and inclusive, S by Serena empowers people to feel their best, look their best, and be their best selves.

Through designs that are as diverse, authentic, and fun as the folks who wear them, the brand advocates for every person to #BeSeenBeHeard.



S by Serena is for the person who is:
Knows who they are, and values fashion as a form of self-expression.

Confident in their uniqueness, and unapologetically themself.

Real, diverse perspectives, and always stands up for what’s right.

Never afraid to step up and make a statement, sartorial or otherwise.

Loves to be on-trend, but knows that personal style is always in fashion.
Serena Williams NYFW 2019
Serena Williams S by Serena NYFW 2019
Serena Williams and Anna Wintour NYFW 2019